The No BS Guide to Selling (in under an hour)

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"The No BS Guide to Selling"

10 Video Sales Training Course

Are you a Seasoned Sales Pro?

This course will add more structure and process to your skillset!

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The No BS Guide to Selling

10 Video Sales Training Course

Are you New to Selling?

This course will get you on your way - FAST to becoming a successful sales professional - so you can retire more quota in less time!

The No BS Guide to Selling!

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

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"No BS Selling" Can Be Your Sales Training use when coaching and leading your sales team to increased selling success!

"The No BS Guide to Selling!"

Your Sales Training Manual!

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Lesson #10 - "Understanding Why People Buy!"

"The No BS Guide to Selling!"

All Ten Videos plus 2 Bonus Videos for Sales Managers!

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To make sure you and/or your team implement what you learned, No BS Selling includes twelve months of LIVE monthly group one-hour Q&A coaching sessions to answer your questions and help increase your success with these advanced selling ideas. You also receive a 35-page action guide/workbook to create your own customized sales plan, all for one price of $97.00.

"The No BS Guide to Selling! (in under an hour)"

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