Your Price to Too High!

7 Steps to Defending Price!

Are You Tired of Hearing "Your Price is Too High?"

Notice how tougher markets are getting today?

How many of your customers are screaming at you, "Your price is too high!"

How many of your competitors are undercutting you on price so they can win the business?

What kind of pressures are you getting from your company that you're not up to quota yet?

If you want answers to “your price is too high” you need this course "Your Price is Too High!"

The Solution for Sales Pros

Hey Sales Manager!

How many of your sales reps are struggling and hearing daily that their price is too high?

 How many of your competitors really only know how to sell based on lowest price and the first thing they do is cut margins as soon as they find a prospect?

How are you equipping your sales team to prepare for a customer who's challenging them on price - expecting an answer RIGHT NOW from your salesperson?

The solution is "Your Price is Too High!"

The Solution for Sales Managers

Are You Selling Lowest Price?

Is most of the business you're winning because you've cut the price to be that lowest price competitor for the moment? What competitive pressures are you getting from prospects? What are you doing to neutralize the pressure and demonstrate to your customer you do have the best solution for them - even if the price is higher than they would like?

Don’t you hate it when you work for several months on an account, just to lose the business to a competitor undercutting you on price? 

The reality is, most salespeople are selling on price only.

What can you do? Find out in "Your Price is Too High!"

The Solution if You're Selling Lowest Price!

Want to Sample What's Inside?

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Sample Lesson #3

"Mastering Step 2 - 'Ask Questions' Learn How to Defend Your Higher Price!"

What’s inside the Your Price Is Too High course?

This course includes 10 Videos plus 2 bonus videos for sales managers and a 20-page Action Guide/Workbook. 40 minutes of comprehensive, condensed material that will put your career above the average sales professional.